Saturday, May 14, 2011

Barsa Fever: Update

Maybe you don't have Barsa fever exactly...

but we know you've been waiting anxiously for our impartial update on what happened during those thrilling 18 days of four consecutive FC Barcelona (yay!) vs. Real Madrid (boo!) games, so here you go:

First up, La Liga, the first division league in Spain:
...long story, short, we (Barsa) are the Champions! 

The game vs. Madrid was an 1-1 empate (a tie), but the La Liga goes by points, and Barsa earned one more point than Madrid which prompted the Catalans to rage all, night, long:

The fight for Spain's Copa del Rey was a different story (who cares about that league anyway!) It was more of a brawl than a match with Madrid's players trying harder to injure our guys than pass the ball. Here we are at the end of 90 minutes of very tense, very rough play. Score: 0-0:

But in overtime, Madrid's Christiano Ronaldo slipped one past for a 0-1 loss:

BUT, there was a sliver lining to it all: 
Madrid's Sergio Ramos actually dropped the trophy from atop the party bus (agast!) and THEN the party bus smashed the Copa to smithereens (jajaja!) Watch here to see the sweet, sweet revenge:

Finally, the most important games of all - the Champion's League duals...

During the first match, on Madrid's turf no less,
Messi scored twice, Madrid's aggressive defender, Pepe, was finally red-carded for his outrageous fouls and Madrid's mercurial coach, Jose Mourinho was ejected from the game for mocking the ref:

It was magical. All of Madrid's pathetic antics finally caught up to them and the win sealed the deal for Barsa moving on to the Final Championship against Manchester United on May 28th. 

This is definitely one game not to miss.
Catch the fever! Go Barsa!

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