Sunday, April 17, 2011

Un Empate (1-1) en Madrid

In a dramatic and emotional game last night, Barca tied Madrid 1-1 and put the Liga Championship more or less in their back-pocket. I was hoping for a win, but Barca fought on Madrid's turf and had a massive, screaming crowd of Madrillenos to work against. At one point, fans threw trash directly at Messi who was prepping for a throw.

The two goals were scored as free kicks by Messi and later by Madrid's Christiano. The reminder of the game was rough and dirty, especially by the white shirts. 

Our guys maintained possession for 80% of the game but were falling over left and right. For Madrid to hang with Barca, they resorted to pulling, jabbing, tripping, tackling and whatever other foul tactics they maneuver. Only one red card was called on Madrid's Raul Albiol for wrestling David Villa to the ground

Meanwhile, the Catalans in our bar were yelling "Franquistas" at the referees who seemed oblivious to Madrid's ugly play. Back in the days of Franco, the dictator payed refs to rig games in favor of Madrid and many believe the refs still get paid.

But in the end, a tie means Barca will most likely earn the Liga Championship. Madrid failed at their obvious attempts to injure our players, and we still have three more opportunities to give the smack-down to Madrid.

Go Barca.

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