Thursday, April 14, 2011

!!!!!!!!!!BARSA, BARSA, Baaaaaaaaaar-SA!!!!!!!!!!

We're about to go futbol crazy here in Barcelona. 

For the first time in history, FC Barcelona will meet Real Madrid in four matches in l8 days. The rivalry between the two teams is beyond fierce. It's political, it's nationalistic and it's personal. 

Real Madrid, represents the seat of the national government. They have lots of money are aren't afraid to spend it on the best (translation = most expensive) players in world, such as Christiano Ronaldo. Booooooooo!

FC Barca on the other hand, represents the heart of Catalonia and is a full expression of the region's pride and desire for independence. This year's team is full of all-stars (including Lionel Messi, the best living player and not just in my opinion), many of which are from Catalonia and have chosen to stay at play football with Barca, even though they could earn more money elsewhere.

Though newcomers to the city, we've been captured by the enthusiasm for Barca and hardly ever miss a game. We have a private table reserved down the street at BJ's 100 Frankfurt Club, which blares victory tunes when Barca scores and an evil "hahahahaha" sound effect (from Michael Jackson's Thriller) when the other team screws up. 

The two teams are playing four times because they compete in three different leagues. Both are at the top of the pack at the end of the season and are now duking it out for the titles.

First up:

Saturday, April 16, 10PM 

Barca already spanked Madrid when they met last November with an embarrassing 5-0 victory. We're still celebrating that win as it ensures that Barca will still earn the Liga title even if they lose this game. 

Here are our friends at the Liga game in November (before the smoking ban). Can you guess who is from Madrid?

Then comes:

Wednesday, April 20, 9:30PM at Camp Nou, Barcelona

Who cares about this match, but it's always fun to kick the ass of your arch-nemsis, which is what we expect Barca to do.

Finally, in the tournament to determine the best football team in all of Europe.....

Wednesday, April 27, 10:45 Madrid
 Champions Semifinal

Tuesday, May 3, 10:45 Camp Nou, Barcelona 

Catch a game if you can! We promise you won't regret it.



  1. Go Barca! They can't lose! I'm already a serious fan and all I did was read your blog!