Friday, April 1, 2011

The Babes of the Boqueria

My aforementioned sister had planned on writing a guest post on this blog, but she soon found herself too busy exploring Barcelona to sit around on the computer. She did, however, leave me with some great shots of women wielding knives and sorting sardines at the Boqueria:

Whatever cut of meat or type of fish you desire, these ladies will sell you. And they cut to order - chopped fine, fat trimmed, salt and pepper added at no extra cost.

As you can see, none of them are squeamish about hacking the head off a hen or breaking a pig's ribs in two. Sometimes I get nervous a piece of gut is going to fly into my face from the deliberate whack of the knife. So far, it never has.

We're real serious about our pork products here in Spain:

It is striking how only women work the meat and fish stalls at the Boqueria while the men must be someplace else. The only dude Alyce found behind a meat counter was this guy taking a snack break!