Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Get-Away: Tarragona

Two years ago, we got hitched at the Marin Headlands!

Two years later, we ventured south to Tarragona, a quaint coastal town, to celebrate the occasion.  

In Terragona, there are incredible Roman ruins. This amphitheatre by the sea dates from the 2nd century AD.  

Gladiators and wild animals fought here in front of 14,000 spectators (a precursor to the Spanish bullfight). Executions were also held here, thus the entrance sign reads, "Many innocent lives were taken in this amphitheatre." A few centuries later, the brilliant Christians decided to build a church on top.  

While the weekend in Tarragona was fantastic and relaxing, we couldn't help but think of California...

In Ukiah, Rowan Surya and Flora Chandra entered the world to proud parents, Will and Hannah.  The babies are "magical" says Grandpa Marty. 

And in Walnut Creek, our fellow Humboldt-Houston buddies, Aren and Sharon, were married (finally!)

Congratulations to everyone!  And send us photos asap!

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