Saturday, October 23, 2010

Adventures in Catalonian Gastronomy

Part 1:  Artwork on Bread. 
Actually, these fancy tapas are typical of the Basque Country, not Catalonia, but tapas they are and in Catalonia we devoured. 

Waiters with platters of tempting morsels, breeze by encouraging you to try one or two.....just save your toothpicks!  That's how they keep track of your tab.

Part 2: A visual tour of La Boqueria, one of the world's largest open-air markets dating back to 1217.

I saw the little sign twitching before I realized the conch shells are alive!

5.6 Euros for cow tongue - seems like a reasonable price to me.

Part 3: Churros con Chocolate (aka donuts dipped in liquid chocolate).  Ahhh-yeah.

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  1. It was great chatting w/you two. You guys are the best!
    Love, B&E