Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ah, Home at Last!

After a month of vagabonding (it's already been a month?!), we finally moved into our permanent piso.  I won't bore you with interior photos but I have a newfound respect for IKEA. Hooray for bright colors and small furniture.

Most exciting is living around the corner from the Museum of Contemporary Art:

If you've seen the movie, Vicky, Christina Barcelona, you might recognize this scene from down the street:

I love our Raval neighborhood. It's both old-world Barcelona with narrow, cobblestone streets and electric, hip Barcelona with trendy bars and upstart art spaces.

We were also reminded of our Oakland home this weekend. Two friends, Steve Lucky and Miss Carmen Getit, stopped in Barcelona during their musical tour of Spain.

Thursday night, they rocked the Apolo Sala with 1930's American Swing. The crowd went wild for Carmen's guitar solos:

And, we got to see some pretty awesome Burlesque too:

Saturday eve, Steve and Carmen headlined an outdoor festival with a big ole back up band. We're wondering if these amazing outdoor festivals are going to continue every weekend throughout the year....

It seems like every time we go outside, there's a festival or party or special event happening.  For instance today: as if playing beach volleyball near the Mediterranean wasn't enough... 

...there was an entertaining flight show going on above the water:

To wrap up the weekend, we gave Barceloneta a third chance to please us with delicious paella.  Casa Salamanca, the largest restaurant at the beach, did not disapoint. It received 4 out of 5 stars - the flavors weren't as complex as Can Chusco but fresh seafood was abundant:

Poor Kam who doesn't like ham was stuck sitting under all these hambones:

And next to this lovely friend:

Poco a poco, we're settling in and are happy to call this place home.


  1. i think it is a rule for all expats to furnish their apartments from ikea :) love that you all have sun!

  2. I love Carmen and the Rhumba Bums! Great to know they have the attention of the whole world. Thanks for the reports. I'm there!