Monday, September 13, 2010

Mobil Monday

Bright and early for Spain, 10AM, we got our "prepagos" (pre-paid phones).  Ah-yeah.

It was a very "mobil" day as we saw 5 apartments in 5 different neighborhoods.

Around 1PM, things went like so...

Ted:  Ok, so the apartment we're looking for is number 9 on this street.
Issabella:  Wow!  Look at all these cute skirts.  It must be the new summer trend in Spain.
Ted:  Um, this could be dangerous.
Issabella:  Oh, you know I'm cheap. I won't spend a lot on skirts....
Ted:  Uh-oh.  I think someone played a joke on us.
Issabella:  I know, we look like slobs. Someone definitely should have told us to dress up when coming to Raval.
Ted: Dude.  Let's get out of here.
Issabella: When did you start caring so much about your appearance? I think number 9 is right here.
Ted:  Issabella.  These are prostitutes.  All of them.
Issabella:  Nooooo. Really?

At 3PM....

Issabella:  Where do you think the sink is in this place?
Ted:  It's right here, behind this curtain.
Issabella:  Dude. That's the shower.
Ted: Oh.
Issabella:  Would you fit in there?
Ted: Nope.

And, at the very end of day....

Ted: (very exasperated) Where are we going to live?
Issabella:  In our suitcases.
Ted:  That's about the same size as the last piso we saw.
Issabella:  True.  But at least we could stop looking for pisos.
Ted:  That would be nice.


  1. So glad we still get access to your humor from halfway across the world! Good luck - you guys have great living situation karma so it won't be long until the perfect place lands in your laps.

  2. who would have figured that you would go all the way to the other side of the atlantic for burners!

    be weary of the wire tap.
    I am officially following your blog, I have never followed on before so I don't know what that will entail!
    Can't wait to visit!

  3. Mom warns (re Mobil Monday 9/13):
    "Barcelona's Raval was historically the red-light zone and a slum of Old Barcelona. However, it’s quickly becoming the city’s new 'in' area. Numerous bars and clubs frequented by young artists and bohemian types now fill formerly sketchy alleyways. If you’re into an alternative scene, the Barcelona Raval is where it’s at… but it’s still a good idea to keep a close watch on your wallet and pocketbook at night" (per Travel Guide and don't let Issabella wear a short skirt there!

  4. Lester Freamon would never crack my whack Spanish code.

  5. Nice briefcase Dr. Grantham, looking good!