Sunday, September 12, 2010

Domingo Paella: Bar Leo

I've decided it's a tradition from now until we leave Espana: on Sunday's we're getting paella.  Each week, I'll write a review of the place we go so when you come to visit, you can lead the way:)

Our first stop was Bar Leo in Barcelonetta.  "Leonora", the owner and cutest bartender you ever met (age 70+), seems to have had a major crush on an old flaminco dancer named "Bambino" as the walls are covered in photos and newspaper clippings of his accomplishments: 

As you can see, we're pretty excited to start the tradition:

Leonora's paella was amazing (note:  it's the only paella I've ever had but I can't imagine anything more rico).

Delicioso (and for everyone who thinks I am allergic to seafood, it's not true anymore!)

Afterwards, Leonora gave us shots of liquor de cafe on the house.  Sitting with us are other "Halfbrighters" - Maria from Kansas City and Nikki from San Francisco / Hamburg, Germany.


  1. Num! Bloody great tradition. Love reading about your adventures settling in. Today's Monday, so I hope you're queuing at the phone store. :) xxx

  2. I'm loving all the posts and pics!! Glad to see the adventure is off to a great start -- enjoy the paella!

    Miss you!!!
    - Jeanette

  3. Can't wait to hear more about your adventures and see more pictures of the food! Hope you both are well!