Monday, September 27, 2010

Luz, Fuego y Mucha Gente

I'm not sure how best to describe what we just experienced other than to say that Barceloneans know their way around a fiesta. We spent the weekend trapsing the city bumping into one spectacle after another. Here are highlights from the enchanting street party of La Merce:

Roaming narrow streets of Ciutat Vella (old city) and joining a parade of giant marching dolls.

Sampling wines from various parts of Catalonia...

  ...and listening to Ted discuss the differences between California and Catalonian grape varietals.

Then I saw the most incredible site-specific projection installation.
Get ready Great Wall of Oakland - you're next!

One night, we escaped the crowds and headed to the beach for a moonlight picnic, 
only to find an incredible fireworks show happening over the water.

And, then there was the Correfuc (fire run).  It's a Catalonian tradition where pyromaniacs dress up as little devils and dragons and spray fire into the crowd. That's all I can tell you. And it was fun.

To avoid getting burned I covered up my eyes and hair. The locals weren't as concerned about safety and even had toddlers up on their shoulders.

And finally on Sunday around 10:30PM, La Merce went out with a bang.  There was a choreographed fireworks / fountain / light / musical event which was more than spectacular.


  1. So flippin' cool! Welcome to Spain! :D

  2. Congratulations on describing the indescribable. Thanks for giving us a peek.

  3. Wow -- that looks like an awesome weekend! I once saw those people dressed as giant dolls in San Sebastian and they went around hitting people with these ballon-type things. Between that and pyromaniacs, Spain sure does know how to add an element of danger to their fiestas!