Thursday, February 24, 2011

Not in the Guide-Book Barcelona: El Parque de Laberinto

After living in Barcelona for almost five months, we've only now checked off most of the major attractions Barcelona has to offer. Good luck to tourists who visit for just one week!

Fortunately for us, many more enchanting places abound, and we're on a mission to discover them.
 Last Sunday, we headed a few Metro stops of out center city and found ourselves in an urban oasis - the romantic, Parque de Laberinto de Horta. 

In 1791, artistic mathematician / aristocrat, Joan Antoni Desvalls, hired an Italian architect to turn his farm into a neoclassical garden, complete with fountains, canals, an open air theatre and the labyrinth. How posh! Since then, the park has been preserved with it's original design, and lucky for us, was opened to the public in the early 90s.

The shrub-lined, tranquil passageways were a much welcomed reprise from the chaos of Cituat Vella's manic streets.

We spent hours getting lost, 

and admiring the tall trees.
As I've mentioned before, Barcelona is seriously lacking in the tree-department.

We had a picnic,

and made horror movie inspired by the labyrinth scene in The Shining (video to be posted soon).

The similarities between our villain and the original were striking, so it was then time to head home.

You know a place is worth checking-out, when Ted gives the camera his famous sky-punch. 


  1. love these photos,especially the first one :)
    nice blog :) i'm gonna visit it again :)

    come and check out my blog :)

  2. Wish I were coming along-I am so jealous-love your postings-Aunt Kittycat