Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blossoming Street Art

Blank surfaces in this city only stay that way for a short while before someone with a spray can decides how it will be decorated, or defiled, depending on your opinions about graffiti. As I've mentioned before, street art defines the look of Barcelona. It's everywhere and always evolving. 

And it amuses me to spot new additions to our hood. Here are some of my recent favorites: 

A bird spewing tags on the side of Sant Antoni Market:

A beautifully painted boy below our apartment:

This radiator was begging for a little color:

Another interesting stencil drawing:

This poor little fellow is fed up with all the construction noise. It's loud as hell here in Gracia.

This wall, which I pass on my way to yoga, is like an ever-evolving community painting. Those cleaning it work equally as hard as those doing the coloring, and it's design changes daily.


  1. I love inspiration from the city!
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  2. I like the graffitti.