Thursday, November 10, 2011

Desastre en La Cocina

Después de muchos meses en los Estados Unidos (San Francsico, CA), tuvimos ganas de comer una tortilla perfecta como comimos muchas veces en Catalunya.

La otra noche, Teo y yo hicimos uno pero fue un desastre:

?Alguien sabe que paso? 
Es posible que no usemos aceite suficiente o usemos demasiado patatas.
No lo sabemos. !Ayudados!


  1. Hola amics!
    I think maybe it's the pan, it should be a new one, with a surface made of TEFLON (like me, haha).
    Potatoes and eggs have to be good, do not use any potatoe class, here I usually buy Monalisa variety which does not have much water. And chop the potatoes very thin,so they will be cooked more homogeneously.
    Always the olive oil (not a strong one) very abundant when you slowly fry the potatoes and onion. Important slowly, because we don't want crunchy french fries, it has to be more like macerated. Take your time. Add salt. First cook a bit the potatoes and then the onion. With the spatula stir the potatoes/onions frequently till they're "golden". If there's too much oil when the potatoes/onions are ready,take it out before adding the eggs in a bowl for a future truita, but leave some oil in the pan. Then, in another bowl, I mix the eggs with the potatoes/onions and put it again in the pan.

    When the truita is aqcuiring some form in the pan, be sure you constantly separate the edges from the pan with the spatula, this will give the rounded form when you serve it in a plate. Cook it slowly but surely. Then put a big plate and Alehop! turn it, and cook the B-side, but not as much as the A-side.
    Mmmmmmmm, I think the next one will be better! Don't give up the fight! ;)

  2. Estoy con Núria!!!
    Es culpa de la sartén!!! Estoy segura que vosotros lo hicisteis bien!!
    y puede que también pusisteis poco aceite antes de poner la tortilla (huevos, patatas i cebolla) a la sartén!!

    Un beso enorme!!!

  3. Gracias Guapas! Vamos a probar el tortilla otra vez:)

  4. You need a nonstick pan.
    Onions and potatoes cut not to big, in slaces or in cubes, it doesn't matter.
    Oil in the pan, when it is hot put the oinions and potatoes to fry at the same time.
    After a little time put a lid on the pan so this way the potatoes don't make a crust, they get soft and you need very little oil.
    Stir from time to time, not too often.
    Beat the eggs.
    Add some salt to the potatoes when they are almost ready, if it all gets like a paste it doesn't matter.
    Add the eggs to the pan. But only if you didn't let the mixture burn a little and there isn't a bit stuck to the bottom, if so change pan or remove mixture, clean pan, add oil, when hot add mixture again.
    Don't use the lid any more.
    Use a wooden spatula to make the egg go down to the bottom of the pan, separating the mixture in small cuts.
    Take the handle and shake it sideways gently to make sure there is a crust building at the bottom and at the sides. When it moves like in one piece it is ready to turn it over.
    Take the handle of the pan and shake it gentle until you feel the other crust is ready.
    Go to Youtube and check what there is on Spanish Omelettes. Like this one:
    You can do the some with very little oil, this cook is making the omelette like in old times, when there were no untisticking pans. The oil you need is what she uses in the second pan.
    This way you don't need to remove potaoes and onions to the bowl with the bitten eggs.
    Onions unsharpen knives. Potatoes sharpen knives. So cut onions first, potatoes second if you want to keep your knives sharp.

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