Friday, August 5, 2011

Back in the Bay

After barely escaping an all-out brawl with two thugs and the pilot on my return flight, we finally made it back to where we started. I would say "back home" but we're couch-surfing (thanks everyone!) and don't know yet where we'll land.

First stop in San Francisco: El Metate for tomatillo sauce, black beans and enchiladas. Mexican food never did taste so good!

Next stop: our lovely storage closet:

How in the world did we go from carrying everything we need in these two backpacks to an entire room full of junk?!

Ted couldn't find the charger to his beard trimmer in all that mess, so he went around like this goofball for a while:

But the real question we're asking ourselves is, did we ever leave? Everything here seems just as we left it, minus a few new babies and talking toddlers. A year goes by so fast! Did we just dream up that Catalan adventure?


  1. Glad to hear you arrived home. You didn't dream the Catalan adventure, I feel all the good moments you gave us very real! The Raval seems so empty and sad since you left, I cannot go there for a while. But I will be always knocking at your door for Cagatio's sake...haha
    Love Ted's moustache!
    Hugs from Catalonia

  2. I'll look around for a nice guinea t-shirt to go with the stash