Friday, July 8, 2011

Barcelona: A Dream

I walked past this hostel on our last day in Barcelona:

The slogan pretty much summed up our 10 months in that wonderful city. Even though we have left, I am not ready to wake up from the dream!

Here are some of our best buds helping us with our belongings. We miss everyone already!!! And special thanks to Marcial for shipping our bags via TDT!

And, this is me on the last day in our apartment:

While I'm not ready yet to reflect on our time in Barcelona, I am pretty excited about the next chapter ahead.

By the way, it's a chica!!!!!!!


  1. you look beautiful my pregnant baby girl


  2. That baby looks like she needs Sierra's "New York Jacket." ;)
    Can't wait to see you but really can so you can enjoy the rest of your adventures!